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Portable Vaporizers: Can Electronic Cigarettes Be a Good Switch from Smoking?

By now you’ve probably heard the term ‘electronic cigarettes,’ or portable vaporizers.  You might have even seen a lot of different ones advertised online or you’ve seen displays in local smoke shops or stores where cigarettes are sold.

Some people might be wondering what all the hype is about these little contraptions and why people are using them.  Here are a couple of reasons why current or former smokers may decide to switch or pick up an ecig after they’ve quit.

1. To quit smoking.  Obviously it’s best to just quit period. But that’s not always a feasible option for some people. For whatever reasons, they just enjoy smoking and no matter how much they’re harassed about it, they’re not going to quit.

There isn’t one portable vaporizer (ecig) on the market that can be legally advertised as a quit smoking aid.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used that way.

What an electronic cigarette actually does is provide an alternative nicotine replacement instead of wearing a patch or chewing gum.  Patches and gum both have nicotine in them, in varying levels.

And you can buy electronic cigarettes in varying levels too, including Zero nicotine.

So you’re getting your nicotine plus the feel of smoking, which you can’t get with the patch or the gum.

For some people, the psychological habit is just as bad, if not worse, than the physical addiction. And that’s where the ecigarette can help.

2. To stay quit after you’ve quit.  Some people are able to either quit smoking cold turkey or with the patch, gum or medication, like Chantix.

And then the inevitable happens and they feel a dire need to start smoking again so they run out for a pack of smokes and light up.  Happens a lot.  You’ve heard the old saying, ‘It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.’

Electronic cigs give people the feeling of smoking with a small amount of nicotine, or no nicotine at all, and may even keep them from starting

3. Just about all public places have banned smoking.  And unfortunately, the government is now looking at banning personal vaporizers from public places too. But they haven’t yet.

And even if they do, so what?  Ecigs are a much cleaner way to “smoke” in your car, in your house, and in other places where common sense still reigns and ecigarettes haven’t been banned yet.

4. Eliminates the smell of tobacco smoke.  If you’re a former smoker, the smell of cigarettes probably starting annoying you after you were quit for a while. As a non-smoker, the smell of cigarettes and cigars may even make you sick.

Personal vaporizers are the best alternative if you want to keep “smoking” but have a cleaner, non-smelly alternative.  Your friends, spouse and even kids will probably thank you for making the switch.

5. Ecigs are actually a cheaper alternative!  Have you seen the prices of the old, smelly, traditional cigarettes lately?  Wow! You practically need a second job to pay for them.

Think about it, you smoke them, and throw them away.

With electronic cigs, you “vape” them because you don’t “smoke” them ñ and then you can refill the cartridges with what’s called “ejuice,” which is the liquid that gets vaporized when you puff on the ecig.

You can’t do that with tobacco rolled inside of paper.

So think about that too if you’re trying to decide if you want to switch to personal or portable vaporizers from tobacco cigarettes.  If you’re paying more than $6 for a pack of 20 smokes, after you buy your ecig starter kit, you can buy refill ejuice for less than $5.

And now you have refillable, reusable “cigarettes” that don’t require a lighter or an ashtray, or the smelly, harmful secondhand smoke.

Spark Industries

Spark Industries to Distribute Cig2o Premium Vapor Direct

Spark Industries to Distribute Cig2o Premium Vapor Direct


Added distribution and retail presence are key to sales growth

July, 9, 2013, Camarillo, CA. Spark Industries announced today that its popular Cig2o brand of premium electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette refills, and e-liquids has joined its VAPAGE brand of specialty e-vapor products as the exclusive source for Cig2o sales to the industry.

“Cig2o and Vapage were developed together as complimentary product lines with Cig2o being the bread-and-butter e-cigarettes and Vapage being e-vapor and e-liquid. Now they are available from one source, the manufacturer; something many of our wholesale customers have been asking for”, said Spencer Thompson, President of Spark Industries.

Spark Industries launched the Cig2o brand in early 2009 through smoke shops, convenience stores and other wholesale distributors, Spark owns all trademark and patents pending and has pioneered and developed unique technology and product features that have help establish the brand as a category leader in product reliability, flavors, packaging and other merchandising items. Spark’s UPC codes, item codes, unit and shipper metrics for Cig2o will be the same, and continue to be carried on all products for customer convenience.

“At this point in our business, we feel that the best way to continue our growth is to have direct relationships with the wholesalers and retailers that sell Cig2o. We can service them better, offer them more focused, results-oriented marketing and promotional initiatives, and respond more quickly to market changes and product developments. Many of our existing customers have sought out a closer relationship with Spark, as the manufacturer and owner of Cig2o, and we are looking forwar

“Cig2o has a substantial retail and consumer following. In the rapidly changing electronic vapor category, focused marketing, increased distribution and retail partnerships are the key and a priority for the continued growth and success of the Cig2o Brand, commented Thompson. “We are obviously 100% committed to the category and look forward to mutually beneficial relationships with our existing Cig2o customers as well as new ones, and look forward to continued growth in 2014, 2015 and beyond.

To learn more about genuine Cig2o products and the complete line of e-cigarettes, refill cartomizers personal vaporizers and e-liquids contact your Spark Industries sales representative for more details and opening order deals.


About Spark Industries


Founded in 2002, Spark Industries is a leading e-vapor technology research and design company located in Camarillo, California. Since 2008, Spark Industries has been a leading innovator in patented technology for electronic cigarettes, cartomizer refills and personal vaporizers and e-liquids. Spark’s core focus is delivering unique features, distinctive brand development, and leading edge response to e-vapor trends in smoothness, taste and technology. The company imports and distributes two nationally ranked brands, Cig2o and Vapage, each designed in the U. S. with desirable features in response to consumer research and product advancement. Spark also maintains a management presence in China where product development and production is coordinated with U. S. made raw materials, design and packaging. This allows Spark to provide unmatched supply chain efficiency and marketing response for its distributor and retail partners.


Spark’s mission is to deliver quality, reliability, and durability in every e-vapor design resulting in superior smoothness, taste, draw and styles that build consumer loyalty. Contact Spark Industries at 1-800-280-8089, or on line at &





Vapage Wholesale Job Opportunities : Phone Wholesale Representatives

Phone Sales Representatives
If you are a self-motivated and outgoing individual who excels at building and maintaining strong customer relationships and desire career advancement with a highly successful and growing company, join our Sales Team at Spark Industries! We are seeking organized and a friendly Sales Representatives to develop new customers on a weekly basis and grow customer accounts through closing sales of products via phone sales.

As a Sales Representative with Spark industries, you will report directly to the Sales Manager and focus on excellent customer service as you communicate with 40 to 80 customers per day, businesses that range from small retailers to major retail chains and warehouses. Compensation is hourly, plus commission.


Please send resume/cover letters to or upload them here


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What you probably didn’t know about e-cigarettes and their manufactures

What you probably didn’t know about e-cigarettes and their manufactures

Myth #1
Some e-cigarettes brands are made in the USA.

FALSE, 99.99% are made right there in Shenzhen, China.  To date, the only real e-cigarettes made in the U.S. are often called “mods”, which is short for “modified” and they are not really e-cigarettes, but vaping devices, and typically garage made or made in a small machine shop.

Myth #2
My e-liquid is 100% U.S. eliquid

FALSE most of the time. Many companies claim their e-liquid is made in the U.S. What they don’t tell you is that after it’s made, its shipped to China to be filled – so the quality, purity, and cleanliness is potentially compromised depending on which factory is doing the filling. Also, just because its “made” (AKA blended together) in the U.S. does NOT mean all the ingredients originate from the U.S. — and in fact, often they aren’t USA-made at all. US law allows the import of raw materials. Mixing foreign-sourced materials here in the U.S. technically means USA-made, but not (Cig2o?/ Vapage?).

Myth #3
(Insert random brand here) e-cigarettes the #1 e-cigarette company.

Unless they are naming Blu, Njoy  Cig2o or Vapage, they are outright lying. Blu was purchased last year by Lorillard (Newport cigarettes) for $135 million, giving them a spending advantage. NJOY took $20 million from some venture capitalists to help it grow. Cig2o and Vapage are actually manufactured by the same company, and are 100% privately owned and have tremendous distribution based mostly on the word of mouth from their customer’s experiences.

Myth #4
This e-cigarette contains 600+ puffs1!
Maybe, if your a mouse. Since the beginning of e-cigarettes, manufactures have been extravagant claims of how many “puffs” their e-cigarettes makes. In theory, a “puff” should be the same as a “drag” of a regular cigarette. The basic rule of thumb for any company that has integrity, ie; CIG2o & Vapage, would be that each traditional cigarette is worthy of 10 puffs. Of course this varies greatly on the user, but 10 is the average. Using the rule of 10, you can then calculate there are 20 cigarettes in a traditional pack, therefore each pack is 200 puffs (10×20=200puffs) The reality is, most companies use this for marketing and basically make up whatever number they want to print on their package.

Myth #5
You can “smoke” these anywhere
The truth is there is still somewhat of the smoking stigma attached to ecigarettes. Therefore many airline and some restaurants frown on it. The good thing is that if you keep a low profile, most people will not even realize your are vaping because there is almost no smell or second hand anything, just a little cloud of fog, literally, the majority of the ingredients are the same as those in a fog machine at Halloween time.

Myth #6
All ecigs are the same, just buy the cheap ones at a convenience store.
This is true, or almost true for about 95% of all mediocre e-cigarettes. The truth is MOST e-cigarette companies just buy “off the shelf” products manufactured by X, Y or Z factory. Therefore, they are very similar, and pretty bad tasting/preforming. CIG2O / Vapage was fortunate enough to be created by a truly experienced product development company with a long track history of making great products. Furthermore, they basically created their products to be the best, because that’s what they wanted to use for themselves.

Myth #7
All e-cigs cartomizers are equal to one pack of cigarettes
Most companies “claim” one cartomizer is equal to one pack of cigarettes. The reality is: a cartomizer is about three quarters of a pack of cigarettes.
Cartomizers produce about 200–250 puffs at 3 seconds with a diminished of taste after 150 puffs.
CIG2O / Vapage use a unique atomizer designed by our factory to give a consistent taste almost all the way to the end of the puff count–which is between 200 to 250 puffs.



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