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Wellsfargo Vapor Market

Big Tobacco can’t compete with Mods and Nic Juice

For all the talk of big tobacco’s e-cigarettes tasting horrible and not representing what consumers want, cigalikes have still made up the majority of the American electronic cigarette market. Until now.

Refillable mods and eliquid sales have officially overtaken cigalike sales, according to a new analysis by Wells Fargo Securities. In the new Tobacco “equity research” report, Wells Fargo analysts note that market growth of big tobacco-owned brands of e-cigarettes has drastically declined year-over-year (the report is available to people who have investing relationships with Wells Fargo but was emailed to me), and that the vaping market is booming.

Though it’s difficult to get firm numbers for vaping sales by small companies, Wells Fargo believes that people who use electronic cigarettes aren’t quitting altogether, they’re moving to refillable mods sold by small companies.

“We believe the sales decline is more reflexive of volume moving to vapors-tanks-mods, which tend to be sold in non-tracked channels (especially vape shops),” the firm wrote.
Wellsfargo Vapor Market

At this point, the firm believes the US vapor market overall (including cigalikes) is roughly $2.5 billion, with $1.5 billion of that coming from customizable mods and nic juice, compared to roughly $1 billion for e-cigarettes.

That number, by the way, comes despite the fact that, overall, vapers spend less money than people who smoke e-cigarettes.

“In addition to the experience provided through them, open system vaporizers are also a lower-cost vaping option over the long-term,” Bonnie Herzog, an analyst who worked on the paper, said in an emailed statement. “We have found, for instance, that the weekly spend for an open system user is about 30 percent less than that of an e-cigarette user.”

In other words, big tobacco has reason to be scared. People are switching, en masse, from combustible cigarettes to vapor options, and they’re most often choosing the open platforms that small businesses offer and that big tobacco has utterly failed to perfect (or even manufacture, really).

“Bottom line—we continue to believe vapor consumption could surpass combustible cigs in the next decade,” the firm wrote.

It’s no wonder that big tobacco is trying, desperately, to make sure e-cigarettes are regulated in a way where cigalikes will be protected and vaping will be destroyed.

Spark Industries

Spark Industries to Distribute Cig2o Premium Vapor Direct

Spark Industries to Distribute Cig2o Premium Vapor Direct


Added distribution and retail presence are key to sales growth

July, 9, 2013, Camarillo, CA. Spark Industries announced today that its popular Cig2o brand of premium electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette refills, and e-liquids has joined its VAPAGE brand of specialty e-vapor products as the exclusive source for Cig2o sales to the industry.

“Cig2o and Vapage were developed together as complimentary product lines with Cig2o being the bread-and-butter e-cigarettes and Vapage being e-vapor and e-liquid. Now they are available from one source, the manufacturer; something many of our wholesale customers have been asking for”, said Spencer Thompson, President of Spark Industries.

Spark Industries launched the Cig2o brand in early 2009 through smoke shops, convenience stores and other wholesale distributors, Spark owns all trademark and patents pending and has pioneered and developed unique technology and product features that have help establish the brand as a category leader in product reliability, flavors, packaging and other merchandising items. Spark’s UPC codes, item codes, unit and shipper metrics for Cig2o will be the same, and continue to be carried on all products for customer convenience.

“At this point in our business, we feel that the best way to continue our growth is to have direct relationships with the wholesalers and retailers that sell Cig2o. We can service them better, offer them more focused, results-oriented marketing and promotional initiatives, and respond more quickly to market changes and product developments. Many of our existing customers have sought out a closer relationship with Spark, as the manufacturer and owner of Cig2o, and we are looking forwar

“Cig2o has a substantial retail and consumer following. In the rapidly changing electronic vapor category, focused marketing, increased distribution and retail partnerships are the key and a priority for the continued growth and success of the Cig2o Brand, commented Thompson. “We are obviously 100% committed to the category and look forward to mutually beneficial relationships with our existing Cig2o customers as well as new ones, and look forward to continued growth in 2014, 2015 and beyond.

To learn more about genuine Cig2o products and the complete line of e-cigarettes, refill cartomizers personal vaporizers and e-liquids contact your Spark Industries sales representative for more details and opening order deals.


About Spark Industries


Founded in 2002, Spark Industries is a leading e-vapor technology research and design company located in Camarillo, California. Since 2008, Spark Industries has been a leading innovator in patented technology for electronic cigarettes, cartomizer refills and personal vaporizers and e-liquids. Spark’s core focus is delivering unique features, distinctive brand development, and leading edge response to e-vapor trends in smoothness, taste and technology. The company imports and distributes two nationally ranked brands, Cig2o and Vapage, each designed in the U. S. with desirable features in response to consumer research and product advancement. Spark also maintains a management presence in China where product development and production is coordinated with U. S. made raw materials, design and packaging. This allows Spark to provide unmatched supply chain efficiency and marketing response for its distributor and retail partners.


Spark’s mission is to deliver quality, reliability, and durability in every e-vapor design resulting in superior smoothness, taste, draw and styles that build consumer loyalty. Contact Spark Industries at 1-800-280-8089, or on line at &

Real Wood eHookah

Vookah – the original real wood e-Hookah

Download Vookah-press release in PDF

Company: Vapage
Address: 750 Calle Plano, Camarillo, CA 93012
Email Address:
Tel. No.: 805-309-2400

Vapage Releases Vookah (Vapor Hookah)

Vapage, an industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of electronic cigarettes, is set to release their newest product, the Vookah. Each Vookah functions the same as a disposable e-cigarette, however, offers users an authentic hookah experience. The Vookah will be the latest addition to Vapage’s extensive product line of premium e-cigarettes and accessories.

Vookah (vapor hookah) is designed with an original, real wood hookah handle, unlike other products currently on the market,  replicates the look and feel of a traditional hookah. The Vookah product line is available in six flavors; Double Apple, Melon Mashup, Mango Tango, Lemon Berry, Grape Zing and Banana Split. When combined with the authentic hookah design, these flavors complete the experience of using a traditional hookah. However, each Vookah replaces tobacco smoke with flavorful vapor and does not require water or burning coals. It contains lower levels of nicotine which allows even the casual vapor user the opportunity to enjoy the Vookah experience.

Each Voohka flavor is also available in 15 mL bottles and is able to be used in all Vapage e-liquid devices. All those who are seeking a unique “vaping” experience are sure to love this product.

For more information about Vookah Vapage products, please visit or feel free to call customer service at 805-309-2400

Real Wood eHookah


Download Vookah-press release in PDF