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Authorized CIG2o and Vapage Service Center

Authorized CIG2o & Vapage Service Center

Sorry you are having trouble with your CIG2o (or Vapage) Products, but we are here to help!

CIG2o chargers and accessories have a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. If your product is not performing as intended (Check out our information pages here for details), you can send in the defective item for replacement.

Vapage and CIG2o batteries have a 90 day limited warranty. Vapage chargers and accessories have a 6 month limited manufacturer warranty.

Vapage offers a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on all items.



To request a warranty replacement, please print this form: RMA FORM

You will then need to mail your filled out RMA FORM along with your defective/damaged items to:

Vapage/CIG2o Returns

750 Calle Plano
Camarillo, CA 93012

Note: CIG2o/Vapage does NOT accept back Cartomizers or disposables for any reason as they are a personal, consumable item.


We recommend mailing items in an envelope with minimal shipping padding to save on shipping charges. Vapage is not responsible if the package is damaged/product is missing. Please include the RMA FORM so we have a way to contact you if needed.

PLEASE ALLOW 72 HOURS* for processing/shipping once we receive your replacement request.

Vapage/CIG2o is not responsible for shipping costs for warranty items.


*For Items Currently In Stock


VMOD replacement O-ring guide

Vmod Guide

VMOD replacement O-ring guide
Installing lower O-ring:
Take the larger of the two O-rings from the replacement kit, and install O-ring at an angle like in the photo.

Vmod Seal

Part of it should be in the E-liquid chamber, and part of the O-ring should be seated in the center groove like in the photo.
air port
O-ring seat
E-liquid chamber

lower o-ring install

vmod side view

The VMOD O-ring kit comes with two sizes of O-rings. The larger one is for the lower chamber.
The smaller one is for the vent stack.
lower c hamber vent stack
Installing lower O-ring continued:

vmod top

With the tool you have chosen to use-start seating the O-ring in the groove-work your way around the groove pressing in the O-ring as you go.
After the O-ring is two-thirds seated in the groove, you can see if the O-ring is seated enough where you can grab the outside edge of the O-ring and pop-it into place in the groove.
After you have installed the O-ring, wipe a little PG or VG e-lipuid around the O-ring; use
your Hybrid atomezer to seat the O-ring snugly into the grove before installing the Vent-Stack,
and reassembling for use.
Tweezers, small , screwdriver, paper-clip or toothpicks are good for removing and replacing lower O-ring.
Remove worn O-ring and clean lower chamber before installing new O-ring.

vmod tweeze


vmod seal location

O-ring should be in the center groove and fully pressed in-like the photo shows.

vmod groove

Cutaway view of lower chamber:
Please note there are three groves that look like the seat the O-ring, the center grove is the seat for the O-ring.
air port O-ring seat E-liquid chamber
Installing Vent-Stack O-ring:

vmod top plug

Use the smaller of the two O-rings from your O-ring kit to install on the Vent-Stack.
From the bottom; stretch the O-ring over the Vent-Stack, then roll it down to the base of the
threads as seen in the photo.
There is a small seating area so make sure it is fully seated in the groove. After you have installed
the O-ring, wipe some of your favorite Vapage E-lipuid around the O-ring, and assembe your
VMOD for more hours of vaping pleasure.



Vapage Premium E-Cigarette User Manual

Vapage Premium E-Cigarette Manual

Vapage Premium E-Cigarette User Manual


Congratulations, you have just purchased the finest alternative to smoking… the Vapage E-Cigarette- the better way to smoke without smoking!

We believe personal vaporizing (or vaping as it sometimes called) is the future, free of the hazards and hassles connected to smoking. Remember to be responsible, and visit our website or call if you need help or questions about our product. Please read this User’s Manual carefully
before using the product to educate you and to keep it working properly throughout its life.
The Vapage E-Cigarette is a nonflammable electronic atomizing device that uses advanced microelectronic technology to atomize FDA approved food grade Propylene Glycol. The liquid In the Vapage E-Cigarette Cartomizer contains nicotine plus special flavoring compounds to simulate the taste of natural cigarettes. or other flavors If you choose. You can choose different levels of nicotine; we offer four levels to choose from, including zero nicotine.
Some differences between the Vapage E-Cigarette and ordinary cigarettes:
1. No ignition (fire) is required, which eliminates the dangers of fire and accidental bums.
2. There is no smoke from Vapage E-Cigarette, just a water-like vapor.
3. May be used in certain non-smoking areas, depending on local enforcement and establishment management policies.
Vapage E-Cigarette FEATURES No flame or hot ash
unlike the temperature of cigarettes, the Vapage E-Cigarette vapor is similar to that of the
human body. Vaporizing occurs between 95 and 105F. when-inhaled vapor being about 98•F
• You can choose from Vapage E-Cigarette customizers to suite your nicotine level.
• Zero – O mg nicotine per Cartomizer • Medium- 18mg nicotine per Cartomizer
• Low- 8mg nicotine per Cartomizer • High – 24mg nicotine per Cartomizer
As with most lithium batteries, electromagnetic waves (even though minute), are shielded to avoid electromagnetic radiation.
Vapage E-Cigarette utilizes high-purity nicotine, which was designed based on the World
Health Organization’s (WHO) specifications.
The ideal use temperature is from 23°F to 107°F (-SOC to 42°C)

1. Please use this device property to prevent malfunction or damage to the cartridge, battery, and charger. We want you to enjoy it for a long time!
2. Replace the cartridge as the volume of vapor decreases; when a burnt flavor occurs, replace Cartomizer with a new one.
3. While using product, and the indicator light on the battery tip flashes multiple times, and there are no vapors being produced; recharge the battery.
4. The charger works in normal conditions with a voltage of AC 100V-240V5, 0160Hz. DC12-24V or USB SV.
5. Keep the Vapage E-Cigarette protected from the elements and or metal to make contact when not in use to avoid damage.
6. The Vapage E-Cigarette Is activated by air passing through a internal switch. The battery may be activated while running, hiking or motorcycle and bicycle riding, etc. Please be careful to isolate your e-cig from wind motion even while it is in your pocket.
7. The Vapage E-Cigarette is completely self-contained. It needs no lighters, ashtrays, or other things associated with cigarettes.
8. If any problems occur during the use of this product stop using it immediately. Contact, we will be happy to help you with any problems that may arise. You should never dismantle this product, as this could result in damage to the product or yourself.
1. Keep product away from high temperatures both while in use, and during storage.
2. Please keep any Vapage E-Cigarette product out of the reach of children, animals.
3. If you suffer an adverse reaction after using this product, use a lower level nicotine cartomizer, or use 0mg nicotine cartomizer. If problem persists, please stop using product immediately.
4. Keep your mucous membranes from direct contact with the nicotine liquid contained in the cartomizer.
5. Some e-cig users may experience dehydration with use. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
6. Take proper care of the charged battery to prevent contact with metal objects in your pocket, wallet, or other bags. The conductors on the battery can cause a short circuit, excessive heating,
or damage to the battery.
7. For best results, use Vapage E-Cigarette with the same schedule and frequency as you would use ordinary cigarettes.
8. Nicotine has a similar effect on the human body as caffeine, and is considered addictive drug.
Please use with caution and be aware that this E-Cigarette product contains a nicotine additive.
9. Please adhere to any relevant local laws and regulations pertaining to smoking. Currently
“vaping” is not included in most smoking bans.
10. Always unplug the charger from the power supply prior to cleaning. Never handle the charger in a damp environment.

Components Of Vapage E-Cigarette


Cigarette; the 24mnicotine Cartomizer provides similar amount of nicotine as a filter less or strong cigarette. Of course, our 0mg nicotine Cartomizers provide no (or only trace amounts) of nicotine


The cartomizer housing is a stainless steel tube, containing a heating coil (atomizer), and a fibrous wick. And the E-juice liquid (Propylene Glycol based). The atomizer Is heated to approximately 106o to 112o;as you inhale the Vapage E-Cigarette, the-juice is vaporized by the atomizer as it is drawn by the airflow.

The Cartomizer is designed as a disposable item. And should not
be refilled or re-used for any purpose. Cartomizers are available in



The Vapage E-Cigarette body (The white part of the e-cig that looks like the cigarette) Is comprised of a lithium-ion battery, a computer microchip, a threaded electric coupling, a flow meter activator, and a LED Indicator light at the end.


four nicotine levels: 0 mg nicotine, 8mg nicotine,18mgnicotine, and24mg nicotine.
The atomizers included with this Kit contain 18mg per cartomizer. This means that you will in hale 18mg of nicotine by “vaping” the entire cartomizer. This is similar to a typical
full-flavor  filtered standard cigarette. The 8mg nicotine
Cartomizer provides a similar amount of nicotine as a light
The Vapage E-Cigarette employs an advanced 3.7V lithium battery. It uses a special charger, which cannot be substituted for any other lithium-ion battery or charger. The input supply voltage of the charger Is AC100V·240V,and 50/60 Hz. Attention should be paid to the rated value of the local supply voltage when traveling.


Insert the battery Into the USB charger. Turn clockwise until snug –but do not over tighten.
2. Insert the USB charger into the supplied wall charger or your computer’s USB port. Be sure your
computers plugged in your computer may need to be ON for power to be to the USB port.
3.When the battery is inserted. The battery will begin charging and the indicator light will blink at times.
4.During the charging process, the indicator light on the USB charger light will be RED.

5. Once the battery is fully charged, the indicator light on the USB charger will turn GREEN.


Even though your Vapage E-Cigarette comes partially charged, we suggest you place battery on charger to get fully charged before use. This will in sure a long life of the battery.
2.Unpack the Cartomizer, and remove the silicon caps.


The Vapage E-Cigarette will be in stand-by state once you screw the cartomizer onto the battery. The e-cig is ready to use. There Is little to no battery drain with the cartomizer connected to the battery. Once a cartridge has been unsealed, it should be used within two weeks.
Using your new Vapage E-Cigarette is like using a cigarette; when you inhale the Vapage
E-Cigarette, the LED Indicator light at the end of the battery base will illuminate letting you know it is working. When you stop inhaling the power is automatically switched off. This returns It to the stand-by state. When In use, do not tilt upwards or you may accidentally ingest liquid, which may irritate your lips, nose, mouth, and throat. If this occurs, DO NOT SWALLOW.
Spit out and rinse your mouth out with water. If the Indicator light dims, or flashes multiple times, change to the other battery base, and charge the used battery. The Vapage E-Cigarette battery can be recharged up to 300 times before you need to purchase a new one. Actual use time of a charged battery may vary depending on your usage, but 45 minutes Is common
3. Screw the cartomizer into the battery. Clockwise rotation tighten>, counter-clock rotation loosen
Do not over-tighten. Screw together until he two pieces bottom against each other.
Cartomizer may be loosened or tightened slightly to increase or decease airflow to suit your preference.
4.Once the two components are fastened together your Vapage E-Cigarette is now ready for use.
Under heavy use. 1-2 hours Is achievable with conservative use.

On average, smokers consume an ordinary cigarette in 10.12 draws. When using Vapage
E-Cigarette, users should stop vaping after 10-12 draws. It is recommended that you wait at least half an hour before using again. This way, your use of the Vapage E-Cigarette will be most similar to smoking, and the amount of nicotine you are exposed to will be similar.
1. Vapage E-Cigarette uses an automatic cut-off between 7 to 1o seconds of inhale pressure. You will know by the LED Indicator light flashing two times, or you feel a cooler draw of air. This indicates the e-cig has automatically shut off. It Is ready for use again after a few moments.
2. Check the contact points between the battery and the cartomizer. The coupling area may
need cleaning from time to time, as the E-liquid may collect and attract debris and buildup. If the contact area looks darkish, please clean for best performance and taste.
3. To clean battery thread area (coupling areal use toothpick or small thread needle to clean gunk out of at the top of the battery. There are 2 air-vent holes below the threads on the battery; they can get clogged, and using the toothpick or needle will clear these out. Please be careful not to damage the 0-ring on the inside of coupler. You can use a Q-tip with alcohol to get grime off the connecter, but be sure to squeeze excess alcohol from Q-tip first! After cleaning the coupling and vent holes on battery base, use a tissue or paper towel to dry completely. NEVER submerge any part of the battery in any liquid or cleaning solution, as this will damage electronic components.
1. Keep the battery away from high temperatures or moist areas while charging.
2. Do not allow the battery to contact metal to metal this prevents a short circuit.
3. NEVER attempt to take apart or modify the battery in anyway.
4. If there is a malfunction, avoid any contact with battery. If needed, rinse affected skin area with water immediately and seek medical attention, If required.
5. During charging, if battery emits peculiar smells, burns, changes color, deforms, or any other
unusual behavior during charging- unplug from the power supply immediately.
6. The initial battery charge may take up to 5 hours, after which, charging may take 1 2 hours. It’s best to charge battery overnight for the next day of use.
7. When not In use, remove the battery from the charger; do not leave battery charging for more than one day. If not using Vapage E-Cigarette for more than a few days, remove cartomizer, and store safely. You can even re-install the silicone caps on both ends of the cartomizer. This will keep components fresh and ready to use again.
This product is not designed to help you quit smoking. It Is NOT a smoking -cessation device or medical product. Vapage E-Cigarette is purely for enjoyment. We believe It’s an enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. When you can’ t smoke or for when you want to smoke, but would rather not inhale the harmful ingredients traditional cigarettes contain.

HOW MANY CIGARETTES IS EQUAL TO ONE VAPAGE E-CIGARETTE CARTOMIZER? This Is an often-asked quest on. The answer depends on your own use. We typically get approximately 200 puffs or Inhales from a single Cartomizer, which Is roughly the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Some people get more- some less, it all depends on how you use our product. Our Cartomizers are desisted into four categories: Zero, Low, Medium, and High.

• Zero – O mg nicotine per Cartomizer
• Low -8mg nicotine per Cartomizer
Medium- 18mg nicotine per Cartomzier
• High – 24mg nicotine per Cartomizer
1. When the LED indicator light on your battery flashes multiple times while you are using it the battery Is running out of power and It needs to be charged.
2. If the vapor volume Is reduced or the taste changes (It may taste a little burnt), the
Cartomizer is empty and needs to be replaced.
3. When using Vapage E-Cigarette and it is not producing vapor, it could mean the cartomizer needs replacing, the connect on points may not be making a good connection. Make sure it is installed properly and to clean the connections and vent holes.
4. Cartomizers have a one-year shelf life when sealed. Please rotate your supplies regularly to
enjoy good performance and taste.
Note: If the steps above do not resolve your issues, contact:
Please visit: for more Information about or products and all product lines.



Titan User Manual

Get the Vapage Titan User Manual here in pdf: TITAN User Manual

TITAN user guide



Congratulations on purchasing your new Vapage product. We hope you have many hours of enjoyment. Before you use your Vapage product, please read the user manual to fully understand the product. This will help you to achieve the best performance from your new product.
The manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference.


•The Titan is uniquely designed incorporating the latest technology for easy charging, and long lasting battery life to maximize vapor performance.
•The Titan system comes with two 3.7 volt Li-ion rechargeable Batteries: a 650mAh and a 1300mAh.
•The expected duration for one charge depends on usage, but average “in use time” should be between 5 to 10 hours .
•Titan charging is through a USB charger, and flat wall adapter included in the box.
•Recharge time is around 7 hours for a completely drained battery.
•Huge refillable cartomizers insure long vape times, and long lasting cartomizer.
•Titan Stainless Steel outer shell is durable, and retains its luster.


•DO NOT charge any other batteries on the charger provided with you kit.
•DO NOT charge the Titan battery on another charger – It may damage the battery.
•DO NOT dismantle battery compartment yourself. Opening will result in malfunction. Tampered products will not be accepted for claims.
•If the indicator light stays on continuously or the product becomes hot —immediately disconnect battery from cartridge to break the
electrical connection
•ALWAYS keep the battery dry and away from moisture.


The Titan consists of three main parts: battery, cartomizer, and
mouthpiece. To assemble, start by screwing the cartomizer onto the
battery. Do not use force when doing this, and do not over tighten the
cartomizer, Just screw it on until you feel it bottom out. If there is force,
inspect for dirt or damage to the threads. It is always best to check and
clean the threads and contact points with paper towel first. Check to
make sure there is e-liquid in the cartomizer, and the mouth-piece is
correctly installed (all the way in, and not at an angle), now your Titan
is ready for use. Simply take a puff, and the Titan tip will light up to
indicate it is working; the Titan is an auto switch design. You are now
using your Titan…Happy Vaping


The battery needs to be recharged when the unit produces a
decreased vapor and or the battery indicator light blinks three times.
To charge, unscrew the battery from the vaping components, then
screw the battery onto the USB charger included with your kit. Insert
the USB charger into the supplied wall charger, or USB port of your
computer. The battery should flash five times and then turn solid in
color. The charger should turn from green to red, indicating the battery
is charging.
Once the light on the charger turns green; your Battery is now ready
and fully charged.


•When puffing on your Titan, the battery light will be blue, letting you
know it is on. When the light flashes 3 times, this means the draw
limit has been reached and it has turned off (usually 7-10 seconds).
•When the battery needs to be recharged the light will flash many
times letting you know it’s time to recharge.
•While using your product, and there’s a reduced flavor or vapor. This
indicates the e-liquid needs to be replaced or refilled. If you experience
a burnt taste, you should immediately discontinue use, and refill with
e-liquid. If after refilling, and there’s still a burnt flavor still, this may
indicate that the heating element is bad, and needs to be replaced.
•Periodically check the thread area for e-liquid build-up. If the area has
liquid around the threads or contact points, this will reduce
performance. It is best to occasionally wipe this area with a towel to
keep it clean and keep performance at its premium. At the same time
remember to clean off the contact points of the atomizer or cartomizer


We do not accept any warranty claims where there is a case of
tampering with product. If you are carrying our product with you,
please carry separately in order to avoid damage. The use of any non
Vapage components could lead to the malfunction and damage of this
product. Warranty claims for scratches on the body or components
will not be accepted. For your safety, make sure that you do not leave
product unattended while it is recharging. Keep away from high
temperature and / or humid environments. Keep the device and its
components out of children’s reach and avoid improper operation.
In the case of product problems please go and either email or phone with your questions.

Refilling with E-Liquid

You may be looking into purchasing a re-fillable PV and wondering about the e-liquid; how much a bottle may last you and how many drops it takes to fill a cartomizer or atomizer. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find the answers you are looking for.


The pre-filled Cig2o and Vapage brand cartomizers that are used on the e-cigs are filled with 1ml of e-liquid. 1ml is equal to roughly 100-200 puffs or about 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. The pre-filled cartomizers are not designed to be re-filled. The reason is due to the fact the atomizer inside will wear down, making the overall experience less than consistent. We understand that some customers want to be able to re-fill the cartomizers, which is why the Vapage brand was designed with an easily removable silicon tip. While some customers do re-fill the cartomizers, we do not recommend doing so.

A completely empty cartomizer, one that has never had e-liquid in it would be filled with between 25-30 drops of e-liquid. If you are going to be re-filling the pre-filled cartomizers once they run out of e-liquid, we recommend dripping 4-6 drops at a time in a cartomizer until the performance drops off. sells PV systems that are designed for e-liquid. The Titan, VPro T, VMOD and VMOD XL.


When filling the Titan system, you will want to first be sure to detach the battery from the cartomizer. Use between 15-20 drops to prime the cartomizer so the poly-fill is moistened. 50 drops total or so of e-liquid will be sufficient to fill the Titan cartomizer.

The VPro T system uses a tank, which is 1.2ml. If completely empty, it will take between 30-45 drops of e-liquid.

vapage premium

The VMOD has a 4.5ml bottle and uses atomizers or cartomizers. It is always a good idea to prime a carto or atty before use!

The VMOD XL has a 9ml bottle and also uses atomizers or cartomizers. Again, it is always a good idea to prime a carto or atty before use!

bottles sells e-liquid in 2 different sizes: 15ml for $12.99 and 30ml for $18.99
On average, the 15ml bottle will last around 1 week.

Please note that your usage may vary based on your personal vaping habits!

Getting Used To Vaping

If you are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to the world of vaping, first of all we would like to congratulate you. You may feel apprehensive about the options available to you but we are here to help you along the way.

There are a couple steps you will be taking in the near future that we would like to walk you through.

Step 1: Choosing the right system
It will boil down to personal preference but if you are just starting out and still not sure if vaping is for you, if you are nervous that you won’t get the nicotine your body is use to, if you don’t know if vaping will fit your lifestyle, then we would recommend getting one of our disposable barfly’s first, before you invest in a kit. The barfly is a great option for those just starting out. You get to taste some of the flavors we offer while not spending a lot. If you use the coupon code ‘TRYBARFLY”, you can get your barfly for just $10 PLUS Free Shipping! Once you are sure you want to invest in an alternative to traditional smoking, we recommend one of our Premium Starter Kits. The Premium Starter Kits come with everything you will need to get started, including a car charger for on-the-go vaping!

Step 2: Getting Use To E-Cigs
You’ve purchased your e-cig and now you need to learn how to use it. Each kit comes with a manual but there is more to it than just reading. It is now time to fit the e-cig into your lifestyle: When you need to charge the batteries, how often, getting use to the weight of the e-cig, etc. If you find yourself with a dead battery half way through work, you may want to purchase a PCC (Portable Charging Case). It may take some time to get in a rhythm, but we assure you, it is worth it!

Step 3: Getting Use To Vaping in Public
This may seem like a no brainer if you have ben a smoker for years, but many places now have banned “Smoking” in public places and not everyone has heard of e-cigs. You may experience looks and whispers but often times those whispers turn into full conversations about how cool the e-cig is! It is always best to check with the establishment you are at before vaping, but in our experiences and experiences of our customers who have written us, most business owners welcome the use of e-cigs. It is best to be aware that others may not understand and be ready to defend your new ways, especially since most e-cigs do resemble a traditional cigarette.

So what does the savvy vaper do if someone approaches, assuming you are smoking and endangering them and their loved ones with second hand smoke? You stab them with the end of the battery as if putting out your “cigarette” on their arm and watch them freak out until they realize it is just a light. JUST KIDDING! :P

1. Apologize for upsetting the accuser, then say, “This isn’t a cigarette, it doesn’t produce any smoke or smell.. it’s just water vapor”. Once the accuser is (hopefully) diffused, you can tell them that what they’re looking at is an electric cigarette (e-cig) and that it has awesome benefits such as:
– no tar
– no smoke
– no smell
– no flame
– no ash

2. Tell your story. If you have been a smoker for years, let people know just how much better you feel, how much cleaner your house (and breath) is, and how you have overcome such a bad habit. You have made the switch to an alternative and it is time others know as well.

3. The vapor appears only when you take a puff, unlike the smoke that continuously comes from a lit cigarette. Also, it doesn’t travel more than a couple of feet and it dissipates almost immediately so it won’t (shouldn’t) bother anyone nearby. There is little to no smell and NOTHING like traditional cigarettes! If anything there is a sweet smell in the air from the flavored cartomizers, like grape.

4. Explain that smoking e-cigarettes in public helps to create product awareness. Subsequently, others may be encouraged to quit smoking a much more dangerous product, tobacco cigarettes.

Until there are enough “vapers” out there to tip the scales, making e-smoking proper social behavior, its likely “vapers” will have to tolerate a few ugly stares. A few may even be scolded in public. But take heart, there’s safety in numbers, so spread the word about e-cigs being a better alternative to smoking. Give our suggestions a try and enjoy the freedom of “vaping” in non-smoking areas.

Benefits of Vaping E-Cigarettes from Vapage Customers

Thanks to some of our customers, we have compiled a fun list of benefits you get from vaping!

  • The morning cough is gone
  • Wallet is fuller!
  • Fewer burn-holes in clothes
  • Less swearing and foul language when I can’t find a lighter
  • Don’t have to listen to the doctor yell at me for smoking anymore
  • Car’s warmer because the window isn’t open a crack to let the smoke out
  • Those teeth whitening strips work better if you aren’t smoking while they are in your mouth
  • Less detergent used because I can get an extra wearing out of some clothes because they don’t stink
  • Don’t have to spend time washing ash trays
  • As an asthmatic, I haven’t had to use my nebulizer or rescue inhaler since I started vaping!
  • I can hold my breath longer under water
  • My significant other doesn’t pester me anymore about smoking
  • Fingernails are no longer yellow!
  • I can take the stairs at work now without having to stop to catch my breath half way up
  • My treadmill is no longer covered in dust
  • There is more romance in my life because my husband doesn’t think I stink!
  • I am no longer ashamed of the way my home smells!
  • My skin feels brighter softer and my eyes are clearer
  • I can laugh at a joke without subsiding into a coughing fit
  • I don’t sound like a 60 yr. old man anymore! (I’m a 25 year old woman)
  • Fun flavors you can’t get in regular cigs
  • My fibromyalgia seems to be getting better
  • I don’t have to go out in the freezing cold to smoke on breaks/can vape at my desk
  • My kids don’t mind me doing it
  • Saving money on cologne/perfume I was using to cover up the ashtry smell
  • I have way more energy
  • My tongue is pink again!


These are customer comments only, not medical advice, please consult your doctor with any questions or concerns.

Are E-Cigs safe?

The Cig2o cartomizers (both Vapage brand and Cig2o brand), are made up of medical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycol (80%/20%), food grade flavoring and nicotine in the level indicated on the packaging (from 24MG to 0MG). Propylene Glycol is used in everyday items such as shampoo, cosmetics, fog machines, used on movies, etc. and is FDA approved for human consumption.

Please consult your physician for risks involved.

On February 15, 2012 Vapage learned of an incident in Florida of a claim that an electronic cigarette caused serious burns and damage to an e-cig user. As unfortunate as this single incident is, we will wait until the Florida authorities investigate further to determine the cause of the products possible failure. The electronic cigarette has been in the U.S. market since late 2007. Since that time there have been multi-millions of units sold with billions of uses without the report of a single similar incident. The electronic cigarette is simply composed of a single soft-shelled lithium battery that is attached to a cartridge that generally contains propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine water and differing flavors. Vapage and Cig2o pre-filled cartomizers are made up of medical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycol (80%/20%), food grade flavoring and nicotine in the level indicated on the packaging (from 24MG to 0MG). It is not a common issue, but sometimes a battery can short out inside and if the battery at any time gets warm to the touch this is the likely cause. Please discontinue usage and refer to our warranty page here if that occurs: